Ink Jet
Ink Jet

Ink Jet Ink Supply and
Print Head Maintenance Systems

The Vexajet Ink Supply System consists of five modules for supporting print head jetting assemblies; ink supply reservoir, meniscus pressure, temperature, degassing, and filtration. Each can be stand alone or integrated into a complete system to support any ink jet printer. We also provide maintenance systems for print head reliability including capping, wiping, and purging.

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Workable Solutions to
Complex Problems

With over 50 years of combined ink jet experience, we can offer services and products that are both practical and cost effective for the most difficult ink jet applications. Our first priority is to provide our customers with the best solutions to meet their printing, product decoration and digital fabrications needs.

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Production Support and
Ink Jet Process Review

We provide in depth technical and cost analysis for printer production and print head manufacturing, tooling hardware and manufacturing equipment. We also offer ink, print quality and reliability analysis for OEM and end user issues. We can help reduce first time mistakes, minimize second time mistakes and eliminate making the same mistakes over and over.

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Vexajet is a company founded on providing solutions to problems in ink jet technology. Even with over 50 years of combined ink jet experience we haven’t seen it all, but we have seen as much or more than anyone else in the business. You won’t always get the answer you want, but you’ll always get the truth and the solution with the lowest energy state.
The Mission of Vexajet

Incorporated in Boulder, Colorado in January 2010, Vexajet applies Ink Jet Technology to Industrial Printing, Digital Fabrication and Production Processes.

Simplicity is the ultimate state of engineering elegance.

what we provide


Vexajet has developed an extensive array of ink jet components that can be integrated into production printers in part or in complete systems. Bulk ink supplies for uninterrupted printing, ink reservoir and meniscus pressure controllers, print head maintenance stations, print head alignment tools, drop watchers, and jet checkers are just a few of the reliability enhancing products offered by Vexajet.


Vexajet can provide refurbishing services for ink jet printers and print heads including jetting assembly cleaning and replacement. We also offer jet’able fluid development for standard inks and functional fluids for specialty applications. Our maintenance process analysis and maintenance system design for existing printers can improve reliability and longevity for OEM’s and end users.


We have designed and developed a variety of wide format, flat bed, web press and assembly line prototype and production printers in addition to development tools for testing ink jet processes, inks and functional fluids. Our work with companies like Canon, HP, IBM, Ricoh, and Fujifilm Dimatix has brought us to a unique level of expertise within the ink jet industry.


Technology crisis? Stay calm, call an engineer. Although we are focused on ink jet technology, we engineer solutions for the transfer of materials including fluids and solids. We are frequently asked to “think outside the box”. Our reply, “what box?” As someone once said: “There are more things in heaven and earth, Heratio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”